What is Detailing?


The word auto detailing (the purification of all automotive surfaces and perfection) is some times over looked and thought of as some form of valet. this is not the case in any detail we undertake, with most detailing work there are a multiple stage process of cleaning and preparation before any polishing or protection stages begin ensuring the highest possible level of care perfection is reached.

some things that differ between valeters and a detailer.

  • knowledge of different surfaces and product use on all vehicle finishes


  • Products a wide range of high-end premium products researched world wide costing ££££’s are used on every detail from wash process, de-contaminating paintwork, polishing and finishing wax protection


  • Time the time of a detail can take any were from 6 hours plus with out compromising the finish no matter what the task may be from cleaning the vehicle to protecting brake callipers.

wash process

(Snow foam lifting to dirt from the surface)

the most important step of preparing a vehicle for any work undertaken starts with cleaning the vehicle in the correct way, using the two bucket wash technique (1 for clean shampoo & 1 for rinsing after each panel) and pre-foaming the vehicle to ensure the car is as clean as possible prior to making contact with any wash mitts.


(contamination lifted from only the bonnet)

for the utmost perfect finish it is most important to make sure that the surface is 100{d8fbf576a52a9aa3fbd9646f306733e799eb637bff4da1e33befa77892b608bd} clean from any contamination which is not always visible after the wash process, by using iron X and clay bars.



once all the vehicles surfaces are free of any contamination the application of pre-wax cleaners are applied to prepare a good base for wax or sealant stage, abrasive polishes are used to via a rotary or dual action polisher to remove swirl marks or any paint defects to leave a perfect shine & deep gloss look.

(50/50 after polishing on side of the boot lid of a BMW e30)

Final finish & protection

with all the vehicle in perfect condition the finishing touches are applied with any metal or chrome polished & sealed, protect all paintwork with a high end premium wax or sealant, we also specialise in applying a long life nano-based paint protection lasting 2-3 years making for effortless maintenance and amazing looks.


(exhausts before)      (exhausts after being polished)