Mini Detail

The perfect Mobile car valeting option on a budget for the exterior only leaving a smooth as glass like paint work leaving a high gloss finish and well protected paint surfaces.


Prices start from £70

  • citrus pre-wash exterior and rinse at high pressure to remove loose dirt
  • clean wheels with a ph-neutral cleaner and detailing brushes
  • clean & detail wheel arches
  • door shuts cleaned and rinsed
  • snow foam vehicle and rinse
  • wash using  the two bucket method and grit guards
  • tar deposts removed
  • paint work clay’d to remove all bonded contamination and leave a glass like smooth finish
  • vehicle then dried with plush microfiber towels
  • paintwork hand polished
  • door shuts cleansed and wax’d
  • vehicle then wax’d or sealant applied to protect the finish
  • exterior trim dressed
  • all exterior chrome and metal work polished
  • tyre preserve applied
  • glass cleaned
  • vehicle then given a final wipe with a gloss enhancing spray detailer!



*NOTE* All prices quoted are for vehicles in average condition,heavily soiled vehicles may result in small additional cost due to extra time taken and products used.

*Cancellation’s in less than 48 hours to time of arrival will be charged 50% of the price quoted.