Full Valet


The ideal valet for vehicles in need of a little more deeper clean and all round tidy up both inside and out.

Average time to complete 3-6 hours

Prices start from £70



  • Any litter removed
  • Full interior given a thorough vacuum (including boot/luggage space)
  • All interior hard surfaces cleaned
  • vents/intricate areas and pedals cleaned
  • Spot remove any stains*/ clean leather (full interior shapoo additional £30
  • glass cleaned then polished
  • natural odour applied


  • Citrus pre-wash applied to wheels and lower half then rinsed
  • wheels/arches cleaned using acid free cleaner and various brushes
  • vehicle foamed with a citrus snow foam then rinsed
  • door shuts cleaned
  • washed using two bucket method and dried with plush microfiber towels
  • remove all tar deposits
  • paintwork hand polished with a premium all in one polish
  • all plastic trim dressed
  • tires dressed
  • glass cleaned
  • vehicle finished with a quick detailing spray!






*NOTE* All prices quoted are for vehicles in average condition,heavily soiled vehicles may result in small additional cost due to extra time taken and products used.

*Cancellation’s in less than 48 hours to time of arrival will be charged 50% of the price quoted.