New Car Deatail



All brand new vehicles when purchased new will be prepared to a poor standard an be contamimated paimtwork, our new car detail is aimed to give youre new pride and joy the best possibles start with a full de-contamination procces and protect every surface both interior asnd exterior with out the £300+ dealership poor preperation

1-2 days will be given for this detail upon consultation



  • Citrus pre-wash applied to wheels and lower half then rinsed
  • wheels/arches cleaned using acid free cleaner and various brushes
  • iron x used to remove any metal contamination/ baked on brake dust
  • vehicle foamed with a citrus snow foam then rinsed at high pressure
  • door shuts cleaned
  • washed using two bucket method and dried with plush microfiber towels
  • detailed areas cleaned with APC
  • all paint and glass clay’d to remove all bonded contamination
  • re-washed using safe two-bucket wash technique
  • remove all tar deposits
  • paintwork assessment
  • machine polish with DA machine to enhance gloss
  • premium carnauba wax or paint sealant applied (ADD OUR 2 YEARS CERAMIC COATING FOR £99)
  • all plastic trim treated with a weather resistant sealant
  • wheel face and inner rim protected with ptfe based sealant (ADD OUR WHEELS OFF CERAMIC COATING £99)
  • inner wheel arches dressed
  • tire preserve applied
  • glass cleaned & polished
  • any metal or bright work polished  & protected
  • vehicle finished with a quick detailing spray!


  • all litter and rubbish removed
  • thoroughly vacuum interior top to bottom
  • roof lining hand shampooed
  • all fabrics shampooed (seats, Matt’s, boot lining, floor carpets and door cards) with wet extraction machine
  • vanity mirrors and glass cleaned and polished
  • leather cleaned with a ph neutral cleaner
  • all plastics and hard surfaces cleaned then dressed with UV resistant dressing (ADD CERAMIC PLASTIC COATING FROM ONLY £30)
  • any wood/metal areas polished
  • fresh scent applied
  • spare wheel compartment cleaned (remove wheel,clean & dress tyre)


*NOTE* All prices quoted are for vehicles in average condition,heavily soiled vehicles may result in small additional cost due to extra time taken and products used.

Cancellation’s in less than 48 hours to time of arrival will be charged 50{d8fbf576a52a9aa3fbd9646f306733e799eb637bff4da1e33befa77892b608bd} of the price quoted.